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Snooty Giggles Dog Foster Agreement

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    This agreement is made by and between Snooty Giggles Dog rescue (hereinafter “SGDR”) and the following individual(s) (hereinafter “Foster”). This agreement is valid for any future animals in Foster’s care on behalf of SGDR.

    WHEREAS Foster wishes to foster one or multiple dogs for SGDR, this agreement holds binding for any and all future dogs fostered for SGDR, even if there is a hiatus between fostering. Now, therefore, for good and valuable consideration, the parties to the agreement agree as follows:

    Foster will provide compassionate and loving care for whatever dog is taken into the home as long as necessary until the dog has been successfully placed in a permanent home. This care includes but is not limited to, adequate food, water, shelter, and medication, when required.

    Foster will advise SGDR of any medical expenses over and above the standard care SGDR provides (routine vaccinations, spaying or neutering, heartworm test, worming). Foster will not authorize veterinary treatments, procedures, or medications without the authorization of SGDR. Foster will send copies of all medical records to SGDR at and keep copies on file at home.

    Foster will administer monthly heartworm preventative and flea/tick preventative to the dog. If Foster cannot donate the medication, SGDR will provide it.

    Foster will make certain that the dog is wearing a collar that securely fits with proper identification tag securely fastened to the collar with a readable name and phone number on the tag.

    Foster will immediately notify SGDR of any problems or difficulties resulting from caring for the dog.

    Foster agrees to keep the dog leashed outside whenever it is not in a securely fenced area. Foster will not tie or chain the dog in the yard for long periods of time and will never do so unless a competent adult is outside with the dog, and the dog has more than adequate moving space and water supply.

    Foster will not use prong collars or employ harsh training methods. Foster will never strike or choke the dog in an attempt to discipline.

    Foster will never leave the dog outside in a yard or elsewhere without adequate adult supervision. Foster will not allow strange people or animals to approach the dog without being in full control of the dog and the situation.

    Foster agrees that while fostering a dog for SGDR, they will not foster dogs for another rescue due to quarantine issues.

    Foster will actively participate in the promotion of his/her foster dog by sending weekly updates with photos to be used on social media and/or adoption site.

    If Foster contributes money towards the care of the dog for which Foster requires reimbursement, Foster will submit any and all receipts directly to the Accountant at within 30 days of payment. If receipts are not provided within 30 days of payment, the money spent will be considered a donation to SGDR and no reimbursement will be provided. It would be most appreciative if you would create a PayPal account to which reimbursement will be sent. This will create a shorter turnaround time for the Accountant to provide reimbursement to the Foster.

    Foster agrees that they are acting as a volunteer for SGDR, donating their time and services without any compensation, and shall, at no time, be considered an employee.

    Release from Liability: As a volunteer, I, binding my heirs, executors, administrators, and assignors, hereby fully and forever release, waive, discharge, acquit, and exonerate SGDR, volunteers and affiliates, from any and all claims, actions, causes of action, remedies and complaints of any kind, which I have or may have, whether known or unknown, arising out of or relating to my role as a foster caregiver. I take full responsibility for the safety of others while caring for my foster dog including, specifically, all claims for personal injury or property damage.

    Foster understands and acknowledges that SGDR may disclose certain information to the Foster, including sensitive and confidential information. Any information disclosed by SGDR shall be solely used for the purposes as described in this Agreement. Foster shall not disclose any information of SGDR to any third party or use any information for purposes not described in this Agreement without the express permission of SGDR. The obligations contained in this Paragraph shall survive the termination of this Agreement.

    Foster will work cooperatively with SGDR to find the dog a permanent, loving home as quickly as possible. If Foster decides he/she would like to adopt the foster dog, Foster understands and accepts that the procedure for adoption will be the same for him/her as it would be for any other applicant, and Foster will be asked to sign the same contract and pay the same donation to SGDR that any adopter would. Foster understands and accepts that Foster may not keep the dog without the approval and consent of SGDR.

    Foster understands and accepts that prospective adopters may wish to visit the dog before adopting him/her. Foster is willing to allow people to meet the dog either at his/her home or at a mutually convenient place.

    Foster understands and accepts that the dog is, and shall remain, the sole property of SGDR.

    Foster further understands and acknowledges that Foster does not have any right or authority to keep or place the foster dog in other homes or with other individuals. Moving the dog or placing it in permanent homes can only be done with the full knowledge and approval of SGDR.

    Foster understands and accepts that SGDR makes no representations or warranties concerning the health, temperament, behavior, and/or previous ownership of the dog.

    I have read all of the above information with regard to fostering for Snooty Giggles Dog Rescue and agree to abide by the rules/regulations set forth.

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