Our Policies



Snooty Giggles Dog Rescue strives to make sure that each and every adoption is a perfect match and one that will last a lifetime. Over the years we have learned through experience the qualities required by owners to provide each dog with the most successful outcome. We want nothing more from our adopters than what we expect ourselves to provide for our own dogs and the dogs in our foster homes, excellent medical care, proper mental and physical exercise to meet each dogs individual needs, a loving,clean and safe environment with family members who all the same goals in mind as dog owners. From these expectations and experiences we have devised a basic set of adoption policies.

  • Adopters must be at least 25 years of age.


  • All potential adopters with current or previous dog ownership must undergo a vet reference check with confirmation that each dog is up to date on vaccines (or proof of titer testing), tested regularly and  PROOF OF CURRENT YEAR ROUND Heartworm Prevention and proof that all dogs are either spayed or neutered PRIOR TO APPLYING. We do recognize that some dogs, due to health reasons or age may not be able to receive the above medical care and we will accept those situations with a vet’s confirmation.


  •  We do not adopt dogs as “gifts or surprises” (including Christmas). The potential owner of each dog must be the one who applies. Everyone living in the home must meet the dog of interest so that we can see how each person interacts with the dog, as well as how the dog responds to each person.


  • We do not adopt puppies to homes where all members of the family work a typical 40-hour workweek outside of the home. We understand that people have to work, but in these situations we have unfortunately discovered that 90% of puppies adopted into full time/out of home working families are returned within the first year due to behavioral issues. Puppies left in crates or other contained areas alone all day tend to be difficult to housebreak and become destructive due to pent up energy and anxieties from too much time alone. If you are interested in adopting a dog and this is your current lifestyle, please consider adopting an adult dog with the proper energy level, who is already housebroken, that will be perfectly happy hanging out and napping while he or she waits for your arrival with a tail wag and a smile.


  •  Fencing: We base our fencing requirement on each dog’s particular needs.


  •  Out of state adopters MUST have a stellar vet reference, therefore we cannot adopt to first time pet owners who do not live in our immediate area where we can perform a home visit. WE DO have two sister rescues that we work with in the New England states who are able to do our home visits for us there, but this is the only area, outside of our immediate area of Middle Tennessee, where this is available to us.


Questions, please email us at  snootygiggles@gmail.com

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