On this earth there are animals who are blessed to be born healthy and into conditions of wellness and love, and then there are the others. The others are those animals blessed with super powers waiting to be discovered, waiting for someone to discover them so they can fly their flags. Those are the dogs, and occasional friends from other species, of Snooty Giggles Dog Rescue (a 501c3 non-profit organization) located in Middle Tennessee. There are no breed restrictions, no size limitations, or age requirements. We help whomever we can as long as we have a foster home available to suit the animals needs and the funds to support their care. These animals come to us with serious injuries from accidents, birth defects or disease creeping into their bodies. They come to us with eyes and ears that have failed, or maybe never developed. Some come in older than most people knew a dog could live and others barely get the chance to experience life at all. But we are here for every bit of it, whatever we can give them. Whether that means surgery and medical care to get them through the worst of it before they are ready to find their forever homes or that they will stay in our program as forever fosters or hospice care. Forever fosters are typically dogs who are deemed unadoptable due to the expense or resources needed for their life-long medical condition, extensive emotional needs, or often extreme seniors. Snooty Giggles provides for them financially for the rest of their lives, taking care of all medical occurrences and providing all material supplies. The foster family gives them love and physical care as they would their own. Hospice fosters are dogs who come into the program and are then discovered to have a terminal illness such as cancer or heart disease. For our hospice fosters we believe in quality of life and consider it a gift to be able to love them until they let us know they are ready to move on. When it’s time they are always surrounded in love. This rescue world we live in certainly has had its ups and downs. We ride out the storms surrounded by our great big Snooty family, virtual and present. Our TRIBE. We celebrate together as well. We dance and bang our drums and raise our glasses, whether the story ends short or has several chapters to go, because every minute we get with them is worth acknowledging with greatness.