Snooty Forever Fosters

SUPER SNOOTIES with Super Powers

Thank you so much for considering becoming a sponsor to one of our many Super Snooties.  

Super Snooty forever fosters are dogs in our program who have extensive medical or special needs, are hospice, or are extreme seniors (15 and over).  We prefer to consider their “special needs”, superpowers instead, as they inspire us and save us on a daily basis. They live inside an SGDR foster home for the entirety of their lives and we cover all of their medical and supply needs for that lifetime. 

 These dogs on average, AFTER initial surgeries and treatments (which can range anywhere from $1500 to $8000), cost us approximately  $1000 each to care for yearly, while providing the best vet care, excellent nutrition, medications/preventatives, and supplements.  We generally have around 50 Super Snooties in our program at any given time.  This is the part of our rescue that we are the most proud of and obviously, the part that requires the most money to fund.  

They are so many amazing Super Snooties, we know you will find one whose story connects with you!

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Possum is a 4yr old long term adoptable foster. He is a super sweet Pom-husky mix that is fecal and urinary incontinent due to hemivertabrae. He instantly brings smiles to everyone that meets him, and absolutely loves life. His super power is always having the best day ever.

Avocado Joe

Avocado Joe is a senior long-haired chihuahua who is a forever foster due to age and medical. Avocado has no lower jaw which makes mealtime a little challenging and messy, but the boy loves his canned food and kettle chips!!!!! He also has arthritis and spondylosis in his back that requires quite a bit of management. Avocado has some very strong opinions on pretty much everything and enjoys keeping his foster family on their toes and they love him all the more for it!!


We are amazed every day at the quality of life that 9yr old Lucien enjoys with his Wobblers. He has surpassed all expectations and continues to spread so much joy to his foster family. (and a little frustration as his spirit is STRONG)!!!!! 


Nimzy came to us as a tiny puppy struggling to walk.  As it turned out, she was born with a deformity in her spine that eventually required a very intense 6-hour surgery to get her moving again!!!  She has an undeniable spirit despite the fact that she regularly faces medical complications that set her back a bit.   She does not let anything stop her.  She loves hopping in her cart and going exploring whether it’s in her own neighborhood or a faraway adventure.  We hope she inspires you as much as she inspires us!!

Franklin Cannonball

Franklin Cannonball is a 6.5yr old Beagle who has grown up as a Super Snooty, due to paralysis, and chronic UTI’s which are common in down dogs. Franklin came to us as a 3mo old puppy and he won the hearts of anyone and everyone he meets. His superpower is his charm and that he can make anyone’s day brighter just by being in his presence.

Thistle Day

Thistle Day is a 6yr old American Eskimo who has grown up as a Super Snooty, due to brain injury caused most likely by toxoplasmosis exposure without treatment as a tiny puppy. Thistle came to us as a 3mo old puppy with neurological issues, Thistle’s superpower is she makes you realize that no matter how bad your day is that you need to just be happy, she loves to play and cuddle with the other dogs in her home, loves to play and has the most beautiful soul.

“Freddy” Ulmer Glen

Ulmer Glenn aka Freddy came in as an old grumpy old man 2.5yrs ago, always yelling at kids to get out of his yard. Freddy’s foster saw something in him that no one else saw so she waited patiently and worked with him daily over months. One day Freddy started seeking attention from her and her husband and since then he’s been a softy. Freddy now seeks attention even when he goes to the clinic. Freddy found that at 20yrs old love conquers all.

Billina Rose

“Rosie” is a 18yr old Yorkie mix who came into our program after losing her human. You would never know this girl is 18yrs old based on her personality and energy. She is happy and full of spunk, and bring lots of smiles to her foster family, and everyone else who meets her.

Burlie Jack

Burlie Jack is a super sweet 7yr old Pomeranian that has early-stage Mitral Valve disease. Burlie lets nothing slow him down from enjoying every day to the fullest. His most favorite thing is laying in the yard napping, watching the birds and catching flies!


Winnie is in the “sweet old girl” club and is a Pyr/Border Collie mix.  She was originally adopted by her Snooty foster mom.  She had been so shy and struggled to adjust to being a “real dog” and once she did, her foster mom knew it would be a difficult transition into another home.  We were thrilled because Winnie was so happy and her human was so happy.  Years later, however, Winnie’s adoptive mom passed away from cancer and we were quite fortunate that another Snooty foster mom stepped up and agreed to take her in as a forever foster without thinking twice.  Once a Snooty….always a Snooty.  By this time Winnie was a senior and had a messy thyroid.  Her initial move wasn’t super easy, but she adjusted and has done beautifully.

Blini Bee

Blini Bee was found on the side of the road blind and in terrible condition.  Her microchip linked back to a puppy mill.  As it turned out, she was diabetic, but because her body had adjusted and survived on its own all those years without medical assistance, it wasn’t so happy to be introduced to insulin and diabetic diet and it fought science hard!!  But together we all fought harder and she became quite the survival story.   We never imagined she would live six weeks, but low and behold she has been in her forever foster home for over four years now and is the ultimate diva!!!

Bumpsie Lurmer

Bumpsie is a middle-aged Boston Terrier who came to us with terrible glaucoma requiring the removal of both eyes.  It was no big deal to Bumpsie, she had not been able to see for some time and the removal eliminated the pain.  However, that’s not what kept her from being adopted and becoming a forever foster.  During her surgery, several masses were found and as it turned out, Bumpsie had mast cell cancer.  No one told Bumpsie though and every day that the weather allows it, she swims her little Boston heart out and lives an amazing life.

Huey Ramone

Huey is a senior Pomeranian mix who came to us from an area shelter.  Huey is a different type of forever foster, he is in our senior to senior program.  We always have one or two senior dogs that we match with senior humans and sponsor their beautiful relationship so that both can have companionship.  These relationships can be very important to fight loneliness and depression in seniors living alone and your support helps us keep this program going.  Huey loves his senior mama, going for walks in the neighborhood and riding in the car for all the important errands!!


Romie is a very special girl.  She has been in our program longer than any other dog.  Not every forever foster is in the program due to medical needs.  In the case of Romie, it was emotional.  Over 8 years ago she was rescued from a puppy mill and was beyond shut down.  Because of her difficulty in adjusting to new people, situations, and environments, we made the decision to leave her in her foster where she had found her “peace”.  In the beginning, she would only come out at night and play by herself in the dark of the living room when her foster had gone to bed.  Running zoomies, finding random objects, and using them as toys….her foster mom would wake up each morning to what looked like fairies had come to play and make mischief in the night.  Now Romie is a senior and though she has come a long way…she is still a shy girl.  Recently she had not been well and thought her numbers pointed towards kidney failure, an ultrasound showed a tumor on her spleen and on her stomach.  Both were removed, the spleen tumor was benign, the other malignant, but they got clear margins.  The good news is she is a new dog!!!!  She is feeling good and full of herself!!!  This is all made possible by our supporters who understand that forever fosters save lives.  

Vetrona Maude (aka Dottie V)

Vetrona Maude (aka Dottie V) is an adult Doxie who became a forever foster due to her severe orthopedic deformities.  These deformities are likely the direct result of poor nutrition as a puppy.  Vetrona is the absolute Queen of her household…..nothing happens without her approval.  Nothing.  Her passions are fashion and baking.   She is the maker of rules.  As well as the breaker of rules.  She calls all the shots and you should always strive to be on her good side.  Lest she release the call to her army of cats to deal with you!!!


Nadya is a 7yr old Tennessee Brown dog that was semi-feral when she came into the program. Her forever foster’s have worked tirelessly to help her emotional needs while she took the time she needed to learn to trust again. She has come so far and is a beautiful girl that has adapted into a wonderful dog that loves and trusts her foster family.