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Wish Lists for SUPER SNOOTIES with Super Powers

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Super Snooty forever fosters are dogs in our program who have extensive medical or special needs, are hospice, or are extreme seniors (15 and over).  We prefer to consider their “special needs”, superpowers instead, as they inspire us and save us on a daily basis. They live inside an SGDR foster home for the entirety of their lives and we cover all of their medical and supply needs for that lifetime. 

 These dogs on average, AFTER initial surgeries and treatments (which can range anywhere from $1500 to $8000), cost us approximately  $1000 each to care for yearly, while providing the best vet care, excellent nutrition, medications/preventatives, and supplements.  We generally have around 50 Super Snooties in our program at any given time.  This is the part of our rescue that we are the most proud of and obviously, the part that requires the most money to fund.  

There are so many amazing Super Snooties, we know you will find one whose story connects with you!

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Verb “Percy

Percy is a 1.5 year old paralyzed Schnoodle who is a long-term foster. His favorite buddies are Pomopossum and Franklin. They run and play so well together. Pomopposum is trying to teach Percy how to dance like a whirling dervish but Percy tends to get all tangled up in the twirling when his back legs get mixed up with the front. Percy’s SuperPower is believing there is nothing he can’t do if he tries hard enough. One day he will whirl and twirl. Just you wait and see!


QUEU “WILLIAM TELL OVERTURE” Possum is a super sweet Pom-husky mix that is fecal and urinary incontinent due to hemivertabrae. He is a talented dervish dancer, whirling and twirling around the yard always to a melody that only he can hear. He instantly brings smiles to everyone that meets him as he dances through life. His SuperPower is always having the Best. Day. Ever.

Nimzy & BoBo

If there were ever a dog who deserves to be just downright depressed, it’s Nimzy. Nimzy came to us as a tiny puppy struggling to walk. She was born with a deformity in her spine that required a very intense 6-hour surgery to get her moving again!!!  Yet, nothing stops her. Every day is a new adventure, and she rocks a dog cart. Nimzy’s SuperPower is pure excitement and curiosity with a side of comedy relief. We hope she inspires you as much as she inspires us!!Bobo came to us as a sausage disguised as a Dachshund. He could barely walk due to being so overweight, yet due to the special love and dietary care of his foster mama, he lost those extra pounds and now bounds happily alongside Nimzy on every adventure eager to explore and stick that talented nose into every nook and cranny. Bobo’s SuperPower is leaving behind the old ways and surging into the future, though he wouldn’t mind an extra cookie now and then!

Franklin Cannonball

Franklin Cannonball has grown up as a Super Snooty, due to paralysis, and chronic UTI’s which are common in down dogs. Ears flapping and nose out the window baying at the world from his car, Franklin will win the hearts of anyone he meets just by melting them with those big brown eyes. Humans are unable to resist touching his soft velvety ears. Franklin’s SuperPower is the charm he wields which makes the very sun come out from behind the clouds.


Riley is a paralyzed Forever Foster and if there is one universal truth about paralyzed dogs, nothing gets them down because they don’t view themselves as paralyzed. Look at those eyes… within that body and deceptively captivating eyes lies the ability to be a real mess. Riley’s SuperPower is her ability to participate in everything going on around her and give it her very best. (Her secret ambition is to own her own park someday where she will organize and operate dog races complete with betting.)